Best NBA Players That Are On Bad Teams

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The NBA is a league filled with talent, but good players can get stuck on bad teams.  Normally great players don’t go to terrible teams via free agency, they are drafted to bad teams and despite their best efforts, can’t save the franchise.  Since there are five players on the floor at any one time, you’ll see plenty of stars below who are on teams destined to not win a championship.

#1: Devin Booker

Devin Booker is on a Suns team that is controlled by one of the worst owners in the league. Robert Sarver has allowed the team to sink to a point where no one wants to play there. Steve Kerr was run off from the Suns, went to TV, was hired by the Warriors and he has already won a title. The Suns are so misguided that they will waste Devin Booker’s best years, trade him or both.

#2: John Wall

The Wizards are not as bad as everyone thinks, but they are not good enough to support a player of his caliber. Bradley Beal is a complementary piece for the team, but they do not have any other talent. John Wall is a first overall pick who should have accomplished more in his short career, but the Wizards are not getting any better. Wall seems like the player who will leave the first chance he gets because he needs to be on a team that will give him support.

#3: Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is a better physical specimen than Hakeem Olajuwon was, but he is on the worst team in the league. The 76ers believe they may tank their way to a title by picking up lottery players, but they will suffer through many more terrible seasons first. Sure, Embiid is prone to injury, and he may not last past age 30. A player of his caliber does not come along often, and the 76ers may allow him to wound himself out of the league.

#4: DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is the best player on the Kings, and he has won quite a few games for Sacramento on his own. However, the Kings are a hapless franchise that is not capable of bringing in talent around Cousins, and they have lost games due to their stubbornness in roster development. Roster development is one of the most-difficult jobs in the NBA, and their front office has not yet learned how to bring players together that will support Cousins. Cousins deserves to be on a contender, and there are several other California teams that would serve him quite well.

#5: Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis came to the Pelicans and everyone thought he was going to be the cornerstone to turn the franchise around. He is capable of scoring 40 points a night and pulling down 20 rebounds. He has scored over 50 points in a game, and the brow is the only worthy player on the roster. The Pelicans lucked into Davis by winning the NBA draft lottery, but they have done nothing with him. He is still in his prime and might still get better, but he may be moved to a team that will use his talent more-effectively. The Lakers or Celtics would be wonderful destinations for Davis, but he has not asked for a trade at this time.

The best players on the worst teams are losing time as they spend years of their lives playing on teams with no direction. The Suns, Pelicans, Kings, 76ers and Wizards provide no substantial support for fine players. Their lack of attention to detail ruins young careers.